"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Monday, August 23, 2010

Save me

For I am cricket deprived.

So grave is my situation that just the other day, as I read the headlines on CP 24, I saw that English bowler Graeme Swann had cited the immediate need to rescue a cat in distress as the reason for his drunk driving. Obviously, seeing as this was a Canadian news channel, I thought I was hallucinating. Turns out Swannyg66 is indeed a chivalrious Puss in Boots and THIS is the news that the Canadians thought should go up on their headlines. Not Afridi boom booming all over the place, not Dhoni's sudden wedding, not even AB's CD release.

Cricket will never be taken seriously in this country.

Speaking of seriously, I am also so cricket deprived that I am seriously considering buying AB's album. Apparently, his songs are about cricket, inspiration, positivity, winning, dreams and everything that teenagers will scream and die for. Why AB wastes his time playing cricket, I don't understand. Surely, he should at least consider filling that 5th Backstreet Boy spot that's empty right now? That way, when my cricket deprivation has driven me to a permanent state of mental instability, I will be listening to 'songs' written by the Backstreet Boys on cricket. You know like: 'Quit dropping catches off my bowling', 'Larger than Jakes', 'I want Graeme that way...'.

Seriously, save me.

And while you are saving me, can you save Bangladesh cricket as well? I hear Crashraful is in the squad for the New Zealand tour...


Hayley Barmy Army said...


I work with the Barmy Army and saw your post. You sound like you might be going a little insane! Would love to see him in the Backstreet Boys! However if you want to head out to see the Ashes, you only 7 DAYS LEFT to win an amazing Barmy Army Experience of a lifetime at the Ashes in Australia this winter!!! Click here to enter NOW!!!! http://tiny.cc/ev7om

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry - I need a judges ruling on this: AB has an album out?

I need to go and stab myself.

Next you'll be telling me TWatto is making a feature film.

Megha said...

You mean the super Tri series in Colombo is not exciting enough for you?? tsk, tsk....and u call urself a cricket fan....

Purna said...

Thanks Haley. Unfortunately,I won't be making it to the Ashes.

Sid,Mark Butcher also has an album out.

Megha, not being able to watch because of work etc.

sunny said...

I'm going a bit insane too I think. Been more than two months since I last watched a cricket match. :(

If AB joined the Backstreet Boys, they'd be allowed to sing in closets alone after a while. Oh no..wait, it's AB. His fans will still be ready to 'see' him singing.

Supernova said...

First time on your site. No insult to your peril but that was kinda funny :D

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Hope it helps :)

Purna said...

Welcome Supernova! And thanks for that link. If I can decide on a team, maybe I will!