"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Thursday, July 1, 2010

T3D4: Roach problem

Okay, bad title, but honestly I couldn't be bothered to put so much thought into this. The Windies sure didn't. I thought Sulieman Benn was just being annoying. But turns out there are more than one West Indian who think it is uber cool to be all in your face and vocal when the series has already been lost. Sure the Saffers stupidly lost three wickets (what was THAT all about?), but seriously, whatever could Kemar Roach have said to Jakes in such a situation?

Roach: You stupid fatty, you think you've won the series?
Kallis: Actually we have, so why don't you just go and pretend to bowl well?
Roach: You think you are cool hammering us around and having a successful tour? Well let me tell you, there's no dignity in beating us. We suck!

Of course once again, I like both the parties involved. Kemar HAS the bowling talent to accompany his gangster attitude, he just needs to learn when to use it. And let's not get into Jacques Kallis or this post will never end.

But I still am curious as to why the Windies were behaving this way? What did they get out of it other than some hugs from AB de Villiers? (that boy will use any excuse to touch somebody)
Kallis, being the bigger man that he is (literally and figuratively, he could smash Kemar's face into flat bread anytime) sought him out to shake hands with him after...and the Roach continued to sledge him! It was kind of like trying to tell someone who dumped you that you don't think you should see each other any more i.e. pathetic.

Sulieman Benn continued to be in the picture, slyly walked passed Dale Steyn so as to not shake hands with him. Dale Steyn then received the honour of being the Man-of-the-Series and had his entire match fee taken away.

As expected everyone involved tried to downplay the situation.

Men are even more stupid than I thought.


straight point said...

windies needed one more roach called app-roach... :)

Unknown said...

"But turns out there are more than one West Indian who think it is uber cool to be all in your face and vocal when the series has already been lost."

Couldn't they do this during the 1st Test... when they would still have had a chance of getting something out of the series??

sunny said...

A downright display of lunacy, that was.
Sorry for writing on the same kind of thing Purna, but yeah, I follow the Saffers too then..:)

Purna said...

SP, good one!

Shri, that's what everybody's asking. I think it's the draw that inspired them, then again they weren't that great in the first innings of this test! They probably just wanted to get out with a bang!

Sunny, oh no worries. What else are you going to write about when it comes to this series? The last two days were the most exciting!

sunny said...

Purna! Two days already and no article, it doesn't mean that if I started blogging you should leave the job!
Not funny..:(

Indian Cricket Blog said...

Well, I think Windies players have always been angry in thier home series.

Wanna share this article, its quite interesting development at ICC:

ICC: India Rules Cricket - Australia Out?

Anonymous said...

Hehehe ... Benn loves to get into scrapes, it makes him a character. Of course, Hads also loves to get into scrapes and I just don't like it. Maybe we expect more from our own players?

"There's no dignity in beating us, we suck" LOL - you can still enjoy it though. We sure did.

Purna said...

Sorry Sunny, some things came up. I will be more regular from now on!

Welcome ICB, nice article! Have added you to my blogroll.