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-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Child Labour

After trying the whole 'let only senior citizens play for the cricket team' experiment, the Aussies have now moved to the other side of the spectrum. They are now employing children to play for them.

It may work, just like the Senior Employment Program did...for a while anyway. However, it was years of frustration that propelled the players into becoming a super cricket breed. Most of them could form their own friggin' cricket team and thwart the national one, but they waited patiently and it paid off. What could the children bring to the table?

Maybe Lollipops for the opposition team, or the ice cream truck; big round sad eyes when the opposition bully them, a cuddly bear for Andrew Hilditch that say 'you're simply the best' every time you rub it's belly. 

However they bring it to the team, I congratulate Australia for finally growing some balls and trying out something totally innovative and new. If this works, it may spark a new trend, not only in cricket but in other sports as well. Giving fresh young blood a chance when they are still in their diapers...who would have thought?

In case you are wondering, Stuart Broad
is sulking about not being the suspiciously baby-faced person anymore. We have suggested that he get over it and embrace his inner Barbie.


Anonymous said...

How old is Tim Paine? I see even newer guy, Steve O'Keefe (nickname required - any suggestions?) was filling in for Mitchy for a bit today. Not sure about him, yet.

And, don't know if you realise this, but I believe Dave Warner is younger than T-Paine. I think it's just that Timmy has a baby face and we haven't seen that much of him because of Hads and his being a Tasmanian and all.

Also, no teddy bear would EVER say "you're the best" to Hildy. The Teddy Bear Union would go on strike at the mere suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Tim Paine looks about 10, but he's 25, I think. I love Little Timmy to bits. Its so wonderful seeing his little boy's face behind the stumps and not that Klutz Haddin. He even kept well without much 'look at me' fuss or watching balls fall out of his gloves. There's a nice change.

That photo of Smith, it looks like his High School Year book smile. Such a baby face.

Tony said...

O'Keefe's nickname is Sock.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Love them to bits, both. On Timmy see Lou, he seems to be laughing blissfully all the time behind the stumps, hardly a pic in which he doesn't look happy. But his little boy arse and waist are a bit, umm, well. And Legsmith, we needn't discuss. Buckets of cookies for the little one. Great looking bowling action as well and fantastic aggression. Over at my place O'Keefe is O'Threefe, until he gets another go and does something else nicknameable.


Thumping Win For The German Cricket Team

sunny said...

Does that mean we can arrest the Aussies now for child labour? :)

I actually like the change Australian cricket has started to make by bringing in cricketers at a younger age. But it wouldn't please M.Hussey I think.

Anonymous said...

Hussey would be alright, he can probably run faster than the pair of them.

It's that old fahaaart Punter they'd have to watch out for. They don't want to make him grumpy or he'll take the ball away and they won't be able to play anymore.

Purna said...

Sorry Tony, this took a while but welcome to cricket minded.

mspr1nt said...

I think Tim Paine is a mega hottie. Wow. *adds him to list of cricketers to shag*

The O'Keefe bloke looks like a pile of sick warmed up and a leprechaun has a love child.

Purna said...

Ant, what you just said is illegal in most countries :P. Ask Karim Benzema, he knows!