"How shit you must be if I got you out twice!"
-Paul Harris to Andrew Symonds, Perth 2008

Sunday, July 25, 2010

While I was busy...

Yes, it has happened. I am too busy to watch cricket and what fucking annoys me that all around me, EXCELLENT cricket is being played!

Of course I am exaggerating because the only excellent cricket being played is in the Australia vs Pakistan series where the Aussies are taking no part in the excellence.

Aussies, not a part of excellence.

THAT in itself is EXCELLENT!

And I am missing it.

Pakistan's bowling is also excellent, which is only expected when you have Aamer and Asif in your team.

I am still missing it.

Also, Murali got 800 wickets. I watched till 799...then I got bored. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was more India wanting to give him wickets so that he could end his career on a high.

I kid. Murali is...how shall I put it...'clever in his own way' but India still looked like they were dying to give him wickets didn't they? Maybe they have "bring Lalit back" parties to go to.

Lastly, after their comeback against Ireland (fucking hell!) Bangladesh lost to Netherlands.

I am actually glad that I missed that. You should be too, otherwise you would have had to read yet another article on how Bangladesh have disappointed me. What is the point?

The point is, I am busy and I am missing cricket.
I hate it.


sunny said...

I know, being without cricket is so sad. It's been two months myself since I last watched a match, no cricket in my place. :(

Anonymous said...

Did you miss Day 1? You missed one of the best bowling performances I've ever seen against Aus.

Go to crickettvonline (or some combination of those words) and look up the first session, you won't need anymore than that.

It was grand stuff.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Not sure if Oz can really use a blow like that before the Ashes, all hopes are now directed to the India tour, if Oz implode there as well ... oh dear. Drop North. Pak's win was awesome though, Asif *faints* Don't you like how he wrinkles his nose when he gets belted a little *g*

Salman Aleykum

Anonymous said...

And worse than that blow before the Ashes is the next tour ... India in India.


JTovino said...

Agree with Lou 100% - the bowling on day 1 was outstanding and completely tore the Australians apart.

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Hayley said...


I work with the Barmy Army and saw your blog. Hopefully you have managed to watch some cricket by now?

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Purna said...

Lou, thanks for that. It was divine indeed.

Wes and Sid, things don't look too good for Aus!

Welcome JTovino, Cricket Schedule and Hayley. I'll add you to my blogroll for sure CS. Thanks for the add.

And Hayley, can we buy these tickets even if we don't live in England?